One important part in research is the discussion with other people about your research topic, and well, the SVPP’08 was my first real research event and I really enjoyed it 🙂

I meet some very interesting people discussing things, which are somehow related to what I am actually doing in my Master’s Thesis. So, I not only got some more insight what there is going on in the community, but also suggestions according to my topic and a starting-point to get a scholarship for my PhD.

Ok, in the end of this two-day event, the “old guys” got lost in some esoteric discussions, but this seams to be the way how it goes.

For my first real research event, where I have actively participated, it was worthwhile.

My talk was about the architecture definition language, which I have analyzed and enhanced in my Master’s Thesis. What it is all about is discussed very briefly in this extended abstract. In the next weeks, there should be also videos for all talks on the official symposia website.