Finally, I managed to complete the changes for the traits patch. Since, PHP 5.3 already entered the release cycle and it is not sure whether there will be a PHP 5.4 with new language features, the new patch is written for the PHP6 codebase.

In its current version, it implements the RFC with the proposed syntax and functionality. There are still some parts missing for a complete integration into the PHP landscape. Most noticeable is the lack of reflection support at the moment. I will add it, when the patch has reached a level of stability to be included in the official language.

For testing purpose, you can use the following patch, archive with test cases.

The patch is build for cvs -d checkout php6. More information on how to build the PHP source from CVS is available at


In case of any problems applying the patch on the CVS checkout, you can use this code snapshot with traits: php6-traits.tar.bz2