In October, I will give a brief presentation on the state of affairs with my PhD research at the SPLASH 2010 Doctoral Symposium. The basic idea has not changed since my last presentation at the TiC’10 summer school. I haven’t been able to do a lot of real work for it, but the ideas are a bit clearer now. The following two-page proposal will be published as part of the conference proceedings.


We propose to search for common abstractions for different concurrency models to enable high-level language virtual machines to support a wide range of different concurrency models. This would enable domain-specific solutions for the concurrency problem. Furthermore, advanced knowledge about concurrency in the VM model will most likely lead to better implementation opportunities on top of the different upcoming many-core architectures. The idea is to investigate the concepts of encapsulation and locality to this end. Thus, we are going to experiment with different language abstractions for concurrency on top of a virtual machine, which supports encapsulation and locality, to see how language designers could benefit, and how virtual machines could optimize programs using these concepts.

  • Encapsulation And Locality: A Foundation for Concurrency Support in Multi-Language Virtual Machines?, Stefan Marr, Proceedings of the first SPLASHCon, USA, ACM (2010).
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