Welcome to Academia. That is how I take this one…

Publishing can really be an odyssey, and it all started with my Master thesis. Today, we have the 28th of December 2011. And I think I handed my thesis in somewhere around the 23rd of September 2008. I agree that there have been issues with the original version of the paper, but nothing was so fundamental that it would explain the more than three years it took to get it finally out. 🙁 Thanks for the warm welcome anyway.


CSOM/PL is a software product line SPL derived from applying multi-dimensional separation of concerns MDSOC techniques to the domain of high-level language virtual machine VM implementations. For CSOM/PL, we modularized CSOM, a Smalltalk VM implemented in C, using VMADL virtual machine architecture description language. Several features of the original CSOM were encapsulated in VMADL modules and composed in various combinations. In an evaluation of our approach, we show that applying MDSOC and SPL principles to a domain as complex as that of VMs is not only feasible but beneficial, as it improves understandability, maintainability, and configurability of VM implementations without harming performance.

  • CSOM/PL: A Virtual Machine Product Line, Michael Haupt, Stefan Marr, Robert Hirschfeld, Journal of Object Technology, Volume 10, (2011), pp. 12:1-30.
  • Paper: PDF.
  • BibTex: BibSonomy
  • DOI: doi:10.5381/jot.2011.10.1.a12