King Arthur watching over project Camelot.

We have an open Postdoc position here in the Programming Languages and Systems group at Kent.

It’s a 2 year position in our CaMELot research project, where we want to “Catch and Mitigate Event-Loop Concurrency Issues”.

Even so event loops prevent various low-level concurrency issues, we are still left with many high-level ones [1]. But, there are various mechanisms that allow us to prevent concurrency bugs from causing harm [2, 3, 4] even though they may have slipped into our software.

The problem with current approaches is that they typically have high run-time overhead. The techniques for detecting concurrency issues such as race conditions and message interleaving issues can slow down systems too much, making them impractical.

And we want to change that by creatively borrowing language implementation ideas [5, 6].

If this sounds exciting to you, please reach out, and apply for our position. We’re a pretty friendly and supportive bunch here at Kent and hope this position can be your stepping stone whether you want to stay in academia or perhaps go into industrial research.

If you have any questions, wonder whether you qualify, or are simply curious, please send me an email or a message @smarr on Twitter.